Water Extraction

Water Extraction in Colorado Springs, CO

Residential and commercial properties take a significant amount of damage when water disasters strike. Flooding caused by a storm is one immediate form of water damage, but there are other forms of damages that can happen after the presence of water (e.g, mold and wood rotting). Be it natural or machine-made, removing water from the affected property is a task that needs to be done professionally. Unprofessional cleanup leads to slower water removal, unchecked sites for possible water damages, and unnecessary injuries. This is where we, at Cyclone Kleen Up, can intervene and do the job the right way.

Water extraction is necessary to avoid secondary damages occurring in your property; we mobilize our workers and our equipment, with swiftness and efficiency; bringing the best water extraction service right to your doorstep. We are experts in restoring water damages and we bring back our clients’ properties to their pre-loss condition. Our service quality and years of experience allows us to be the best of the best in the restoration business. 

Cyclone Kleen Up water extraction process is systematic and comprehensive; ensuring the complete removal of water and moisture from your property.

Water pumping

– Equipped with our water pumps, our experts will drain the flood water from your home. We also extract the water out of damaged items such as, upholstered furniture, carpets, rugs, floors, and walls. If more items have been damaged, we can send them to our special facility; getting them cleaned and disinfected before returning it back to you.


– By evaporating the remaining moisture from the inflicted area, the process of drying will be faster and prevent the possible appearance of secondary damages such as molds and wood rotting.


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– We will also be using dehumidifiers to counter the elevated moisture in the area. By doing so, we eliminate stale odors that can affect you and your property.

Moisture monitoring

– After the process, we will go back and check if the moisture in the surrounding area has completely disappeared; special moisture meters help us give an accurate reading and measurement of moisture level in your property.

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If your property has been invaded by floodwater recently get in touch with Cyclone Kleen Up today, by calling: 719-299-3887, for a professional restoration. You may also visit our contact us page.