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Asbestos removal a dangerous job? It can be if you don’t wear the proper PPE and follow the correct removal procedures.

Sometimes asbestos may need to be removed; but, if the asbestos-containing material is in decent condition it’s often securely handled in place.

Asbestos decontamination is a serious business. If not handled properly, it can put people at risk for serious and deadly diseases such as asbestos-like mesothelioma, lung cancer, and more.

In Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, there are many well-built older buildings. Sometimes when people speak of an old building in good condition, they say it has “good bones”. However, when it needs remodeling and updating, those good bones m

Asbestos removal can be a scary time for you if it’s found in your home. But be assured that the professionals at Cyclone Kleen Up will do all they can to remove it quickly while ensuring your family will be safe.

You’ve probably been in homes or businesses that have a textured ceiling that’s often referred to as a “popcorn” ceiling. They may look like anything from popcorn to cottage cheese or even very fine sand. Also called textured or acoustic ceilings,

The majority of structures that have been built in Colorado contain materials made with asbestos. Most of these products pose no danger as long as they stay intact, undisturbed, and in good condition.

Asbestos is believed dangerous because of all the places it’s found. You may be exposed at work, while shopping, or even at home. Most buildings in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and the surrounding area are made with some asbestos-containing materials.

Just as there is not just one ore or mineral, there are also different types of asbestos. Technically speaking, “asbestos” is a commercial and legal term encompassing multiple types of minerals.

You can be exposed to asbestos by breathing in asbestos fibers. This happens when you disturb rocks, soil, or products containing asbestos that then release asbestos fibers into the air.

Have asbestos products really been eliminated? The answer is no, not completely. One might think, with the awareness we have today about the toxic effects of asbestos, that this substance would be entirely banned in the United States.

A common misconception often heard about asbestos is that it can grow, expanding from the original amount that existed.

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