Can You Clean with Only Water?

Clean Water is Flowing

For everyday cleaning, wouldn’t it be terrific to be able to use just water? You would probably be able to free up an entire cabinet devoted to cleaning products. Plus, you would remove the danger of accidental ingestion by children and unintentionally mixing up a dangerous chemical cocktail that could emit poisonous fumes. But is it realistic to believe that water alone could clean your home?

John Owen is a senior household analyst for a market research firm. He says, “People are increasingly equating a clean home with a healthy home and a healthy family, but at the same time there’s also concern about the cleaning product ingredients. So, for these consumers, they still want their homes clean, but they’re looking for alternatives.”

Additionally, a test conducted by consumer advocacy group Choice discovered that some of the popular cleaning products sold in supermarkets aren't as effective as we think. They found that about 50 percent of those they tested weren’t noticeably different from plain water.

It turns out that for daily light cleaning, using only water, even hard Central Colorado water, with a microfiber cloth can be effective. Microbiologist Dr. Michael Schmidt says microfiber, which is smaller than a human hair, is good at trapping dust, and even bacteria and viruses. “It’s this frizzy end at the end of this very small fiber that facilitates the pickup of bacteria and viruses from surfaces,” Dr. Schmidt said.

But if someone is ill or when it comes to cleaning up kitchen counters that have been in contact with raw food, Dr. Schmidt says to “use a disinfectant and good old elbow grease to make certain that that material is gone.”

However, before you start spraying and wiping everything down with water, there’s another factor to consider. Many items and materials in your Colorado home should never be cleaned with water as it could harm or even ruin them. A few of those materials are:

  • Wood floors and furniture
  • Brass and silver
  • Musical instruments
  • Electronics
  • Soft quality fabrics

So, although water can clean up light soils on some surfaces, you will still need to use other cleaners to help clean, preserve and protect different materials and items in your home. If you need help, especially with disinfecting, Cyclone Kleen Up has cleaning equipment that’s been proven to be extremely effective at minimizing viruses and is the industry standard for safe and effective cleaning. Because of recent events, this service is in high demand right now and we offer our service to both homeowners and business owners on a first-come, first-served basis.