How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration CostFloods, storms, or even a burst plumbing pipe can cause water damage in your home or office building. When this happens, you will need to have the area cleaned and restored to get back to your normal routine.

When you call a company that specializes in water damage restoration, one of your first questions typically will be, "How much is this going to cost?" Unfortunately, when it comes to water damage restoration, there is no “one-size-fits-all” price that can be quoted by any company.

Each job is unique, with price depending on several factors that include:

The Extent of the Damage – Not all cases of water damage create similar restoration needs. Some jobs require more work for a restoration team. In addition, the extent of the damage will worsen the longer it is left unrepaired. That will make it more labor-intensive to fix, which will increase your cost for water restoration.

The Affected Area’s Size – While some people believe size does not matter, it matters when it comes to water restoration. The bigger the damaged area, the higher the cost will be for restoration. That is why the size of the affected area will raise the cost for the restoration work needed.

The Type of Water That Caused the Damage – In the world of water restoration, water comes in three different classifications based on the contaminants it contains. These water classifications determine the cost of restoration based on the hazardous duty involved. From least expensive to most expensive, water types include clean water (leaks that don’t carry any health risks), grey water (water may contain contaminants), and black water (flood water or sewage water definitely contains hazardous substances).

Trust Your Water Damage Restoration Needs to Cyclone Kleenup

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