How Storms Impact You

Severe weather isn’t something that only happens in other areas. Even in Central Colorado, inclement weather can affect you and result in costly storm damage repairs. Here are some of the events you and your property may experience:


Power Outage

A major storm can leave you without power for several days. In the summertime, that means you’ll not only be uncomfortable, but refrigerated food may be ruined. During winter, you may have to leave your home until the power returns, and you may experience water damage caused by pipes that have frozen and burst. So, having a generator available may be worth the cost.

Wind Damage

When tornadoes or even strong thunderstorms sweep through, they often come with strong wind speeds and gusts that can easily pick up outside objects and fling them into your home. Those wind gusts can also knock over trees and break off branches that, if close to your home, can cause massive destruction to the roof and structure.


Lightning is one of the leading weather-related causes of death and injury in the United States. Most people don’t realize that they can be struck by lightning even when the center of a thunderstorm is 10 miles away and above are blue skies. It’s estimated that our planet is struck by an average of more than a hundred lightning bolts every second and that 1 out of 200 houses are struck per year.


When hail strikes during a severe thunderstorm, it can cause enormous damage to your home depending on how large the hail was and for how long it fell. If hail damage is ignored, you may see your roof structure weaken over time, especially if damaged or removed shingles aren't repaired in a timely manner.


Floods are the most common natural disaster according to Heavy rain from severe storms or melting snow can cause flooding in Pueblo, Leadville & Colorado Springs. Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States.

Let the Pros Handle It

One mistake many homeowners make is trying to repair storm damage themselves. To the untrained eye, damage may not appear severe. However, there could be further damage lurking underneath that can’t be easily seen. If that damage goes unattended, you could be looking at repairs that will take much longer to fix such as mold remediation. So, trust Cyclone Kleen Up to handle it.

Here are just some of the services you’ll receive from Cyclone Kleen Up:

Cyclone Kleen Up has been helping our local communities for many years. We’re prepared with expert training and quality equipment to mitigate and restore your commercial or residential property. Our technicians are available 24-7 with our Emergency Service Team to help cleanup and repair your property damage from storms, water, sewage, smoke or fire. Our priority is providing quick and effective service and solutions to restore your property and belongings, giving you peace of mind.