Rebuilding Your Life After a House Fire

Family House Fire

A fire in your Colorado home can turn your life upside down. Depending on the degree of damage, you may be forced to rebuild your life from the ground up. Usually, the toughest part is knowing what to do immediately afterward and who to call. No matter the size of the damage, you probably can't stay in your home. If staying with friends or family isn't possible, talk to a local disaster relief agency such as the American Red Cross or Salvation Army. While some organizations can help you out, you will survive and rebuild your life again. The following are some steps that can help.

Guide Your Kids

For children, losing nearly everything in a fire can be tremendously upsetting. It’s not just the loss of physical possessions that can traumatize children; the reality that the whole property, everything they’re familiar with, may now be gone is something that should be explained to them thoroughly but sensitively.

Psychotherapist Resa Hayes says, “Our children, just like us, wonder about safety, belongings, animals, and friends. We can help our kids by giving them a better understanding of fires… and how this disaster, in particular, is being handled.”

Unlike adults who may have a financial investment in the lost property, a child’s main worry will probably be about their toys, their bedroom, or other objects they were attached to. It could help to buy them a similar favorite toy. It may be a temporary solution, but with the right direction and counseling, children can get over this unpleasant incident.

Prepare for the Long Term

Because house fires are so destructive, you usually won’t be able to return to your home right away, even after the danger is over. Rebuilding your life and home doesn’t happen in just a week or two. It can be a long and strenuous process, emotionally and physically, that may take months or even years. So be prepared for the long haul. Give yourself and your family plenty of time to recover. See a counselor if necessary.

Allow yourself to feel both positive and negative emotions, such as sadness, anger, and frustration. While it’s normal and essential to grieve, try to concentrate on positive emotions. Consider things to be grateful for, from surviving the fire to experiencing the support of your family and community.

Be Proactive

The longer you do nothing, the worse the damage gets. So make sure you take these actions immediately:

  • Call your insurance agent to start a claim and attend to your immediate needs. Your insurance policy may cover living and daily expenses.
  • Contact Cyclone Kleen Up to restore your home if repairable and return it to pre-loss condition. We work with insurance companies to get your life back in order.

Keep Important Contact Information on Your Phone

The last thing you need to be doing after a fire is scrambling to find the phone numbers of vital contacts. So always keep in multiple family members' phones (in case you lose yours in the fire) a record of your insurance agent’s number as well as the number of Cyclone Kleen Up. We offer 24-Hour Emergency Fire Disaster Recovery Services for property owners and will immediately respond to protect your property and minimize future losses.

Within ONE HOUR, our recovery team will assess your damage and immediately provide required services to keep your Pueblo, Leadville, or Colorado property safe and protected. We also work hard to save any of your content that is salvageable so that your life can return to normal as soon as possible.