Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Fountain, CO

When it comes to cleanup and drying of disaster-stricken properties, experts know that there’s no time to lose. The longer any fire or water damage sits stagnant at a property, the greater the risk it has to incur secondary damages or mold growth, which can endanger the structure’s residents and occupants further down the road. In Fountain, CO, hundreds of property owners trust in only one name when it comes to cleaning up after messes: Cyclone Kleenup.

Emergency Restoration Services by Cyclone Kleenup

Trust a cleanup and restoration company that doesn’t waste any time getting to you. Cyclone Kleenup offers the following services in Fountain:

  • Water Damage Restoration – One of the most common forms of damage that can occur to commercial and residential properties, water damage can be caused by a number of things including flooding, fire suppression, appliance breakdowns or burst pipes. Cyclone Kleenup prides itself on being a true emergency responder that can be on the premises immediately to attend to all of your structural drying needs. 
  • Fire Damage Restoration – Smoke, soot, and water damage are only some of the things a property owner will have to face when his structure is affected by a fire. Let Cyclone Kleenup help you get your home or commercial property back to its pre-loss condition. We also offer content restoration services for your precious personal effects. 
  • Storm and Flood Restoration – Changing climate conditions have made our homes more prone to damage incurred by extreme weather. In 2013, the Colorado Front Range experienced severe flooding with an estimated over 1 billion dollars in property damage. Cyclone Kleenup is ready to come to the aid of those whose homes have been flooded from a natural disaster with a thorough cleaning, water extraction and drying process so that you can get back to your daily life with minimal interruptions. 
  • Disaster Restoration – Cyclone Kleenup also provides restoration and remediation services for all other kinds of disaster situations with our mobile command vehicle, a veritable office on wheels equipped with state-of-the-art satellite communication equipment. 
  • Mold Remediation – When it comes to mold, you can’t compromise on thoroughness and safety. Cyclone Kleenup has developed an intensive mold cleanup and abatement process that will eliminate all traces of mold from your property. 
  • Asbestos Testing and Removal – Older homes and properties certainly retain a lot of personality, but it’s important to be sure that the one you choose doesn’t pose a threat to yourself, your family, or any future occupants. Asbestos was a popular building material in the 60s and 70s; but it has since been proven that is a carcinogenic substance that is unsafe for humans to be around, and its use gradually fell into decline. It can sometimes still be found in structures built during the era. Cyclone Kleenup can test for the presence of asbestos in your property and safely remove it with the proper equipment and procedures. 
  • Trauma Clean Up – Trauma sites may contain certain biohazards that require the attention of an educated and trained crew of professionals to thoroughly clean. Cyclone Kleenup is the crew of choice for organizations and agencies in need of expert remediation for crime scenes, sites of traumatic injury, accidents, and chemical spills, among others. 

Call Cyclone Kleenup Today

Successful restoration and remediation is dependent on the company you hire and how fast you ask for assistance. Contact Cyclone Kleenup at 719-299-3887 today for fast emergency response and quality service. You may also visit our Contact Us page to set an appointment with us online.


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