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Air Duct Smoke Removal in Colorado Springs & Pueblo, CO

Fire damage restoration isn't only about what you can see. Restoring your indoor air quality is a complex part of the process, but one that's necessary. Removing smoke residue, odors, or soot from your HVAC and air duct system should begin ASAP for overall safety and livability of your home or business.

Cyclone Kleen Up is your No. 1 solution for professional air duct smoke removal after fire damage or persistent tobacco use. Our superior fire damage restoration inspects, cleans, dries, and returns residential or commercial properties to their pre-damaged condition. Return safety and comfort to your indoor air with our air duct smoke removal.

We assist customers in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Woodland Park, Fountain, Monument, Canon CityBuena VistaPenroseSalida, and across our CO service area. To have your demolition area cleared of hazard debris, call us today at 719-299-3887 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with a Cyclone Kleen Up representative.

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Cyclone Has Superior Duct Smoke Removal Process in Fountain, CO

Cyclone Kleen Up is your most most reliable solution for air duct smoke removal, an intricate process which includes:

  • Inside-duct cleaning: Inner walls of ducts catch smoke particles and contaminants easily. It's the reason for lingering smoke odors. Our brush and negative-pressure vacuum system removes loose debris, dirt, and smoke-related contaminants.
  • Filter replacement: These require replacement every 1-3 months, but we'll remove them immediately after air duct smoke damage. Filter maintenance is a step that's basic to restoring indoor air quality.
  • Duct sanitization: Sanitizing spray cleansers are applied to the inside of air ducts to begin the final steps of your air duct smoke removal. It's crucial to ridding your air flow of smoky odors. 
  • Clean or replace ventilation covers: The last of any smoke residue or particles are cleaned away or removed, as vents and vent covers are thoroughly scrubbed. Vent covers too damaged to clean are replaced, and your HVAC system is tested and cycled to begin the flow of smoke-free air.

Trust Cyclone Kleen Up For Thorough Air Duct Smoke Removal in Pueblo

Cyclone Kleen Up has the indoor air quality and fire restoration solutions you need for air duct smoke removal at your home or business. Our advanced equipment and expertise will rid your air ducts of smoke residue, odors, debris, and tobacco byproducts. We assist customers in Buena VistaPenroseSalida, and across our CO service area. Call us today at 719-299-3887 or contact us online to book an appointment with a Cyclone Kleen Up team member.

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In the aftermath of a fire, the toll on buildings can be immense, leaving behind a trail of soot, smoke residues, and structural impairments

Cyclone Kleen Up is your No. solution for duct vent cleaning and other duct system smoke removal assistance after fire damage properties in Pueblo, CO.

Rely on the trained professionals at Cyclone Kleen Up for the best soot damage restoration services in Colorado Springs, Canon City, Pueblo, Monument, and other Colorado cities that we serve.