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Most people don’t think about these products being a problem inside their homes, but they can easily be brought in on shoes and clothes. Homeowners use around 100 million pounds of pesticides in homes and gardens every year.

As an advocate of public asbestos education, Cyclone Kleen Up considers it an important matter that everyone receives all pertinent facts about asbestos and how it adversely affects one’s health.

Asbestos is a highly dangerous substance, and so when it comes to commercial buildings, OSHA has a slew of regulations that deal with what are considered acceptable levels of exposure.

When people face the unknown, they’re bound to panic and make mistakes. This can apply if employees find out your building contains asbestos. They may automatically assume their health and lives are at risk and that any asbestos should be immediately re

Before the 1980s, these suits were partially made up of a combination of woven asbestos fibers and cloth that gradually deteriorated and began to sluff off its dangerous fibers.

Asbestos was used for many decades in the manufacturing of many items, including many building materials. For that reason, there’s a good chance you have asbestos lurking somewhere within your property.

Asbestos is tricky because, whether one was exposed only during one catastrophic event or daily for years, victims won’t know that they have a health problem until years after the disease has already taken over.

Asbestos is one sneaky, lethal substance. When disturbed, its nearly invisible fibers float in the air just waiting for someone to breathe them in.

It is very common for Cyclone Kleen Up to prepare an estimate for water damage repairs only to find that another mitigation/cleaning company disturbed the asbestos during their mitigation efforts by doing things like sawing through asbestos-containing til

If you’re planning to move but worried that your Colorado home may contain asbestos, don’t panic. Asbestos was widely used for so long that it’s sometimes difficult to find a home without any in it, especially in older homes.

Have you heard of vermiculite? It’s a mineral that looks somewhat like mica. The first report of it is in the early 1800s. It’s an unusual mineral as when it’s subjected to very high heat, it expands up to 30 times its original size.

If your home or business has experienced a fire, Cyclone Kleen Up performs fire restoration and asbestos testing and removal in Colorado

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