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Water Damaged Flooring Removal in Pueblo & Salida, CO

A flooring damaged by water & excess moisture can prove to be quite troublesome if not taken care of. Mold growth is the first issue that kicks in when your hardwood flooring or other wooden material is exposed to water damage. Other things you may start to notice are discoloration on the flooring, loose planks, warping, and buckling.

Cyclone Kleenup specializes in water damage restoration and can repair flooring water damages with great expertise. Our certified team is equipped with the necessary equipment and is highly trained to provide satisfying results. Give us a call at 719-299-3887 to remove water-damaged flooring and restore your home from water damage.

Other Water Damage Restoration Services

Cyclone Kleenup is an expert at handling water damage scenarios and can help you recover at great speeds. We offer:

Why Remove Water-Damaged Flooring?

Flooring damaged by water eventually becomes weak and might give away structural integrity. This could end up harming your family members and you as well. Another major reason is mold.

As mold grows it spreads extremely fast to its surrounding areas, especially by air via mold spores. The damaged flooring will continue to spread mold spores and may even make your family ill. Furthermore, the mold may start to affect other areas in your home as well. Thus, it is essential to remove water-damaged flooring and restore them ASAP.

Count on the Water Damage Restoration Specialists

If your flooring is extensively damaged by water and needs removal, count on the water damage specialists from Cyclone Kleenup. We have the expertise required to locate the origin of moisture and restore the problem as well as your flooring. Our services are available 24/7 across Salida, Pueblo, Manitou Springs, Florence, and other nearby areas in Colorado. Call us NOW at 719-299-3887 for professional attention to your water-damaged flooring.