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Asbestos Insulation throughout Pueblo & Colorado Springs

Asbestos insulation was often used between the years 1900 and the 1980s in order to make the property structures durable and fireproof. Insulation poses a risk when it is removed, or damaged, which often occurs during home improvement projects. Asbestos fibers are dangerous and can be inhaled. Thus, it can become airborne if the insulation in a home is disrupted. To eliminate the health risks, you need a professional company to remove these harmful asbestos-containing materials. Cyclone Kleen Up is the one-stop solution for this difficult task. We advance in the treatment of dangerous asbestos particles.

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A Variety of Asbestos Insulation Options

When it comes to asbestos insulation, there are a variety of choices available:

  • Spray-on foam insulation: Asbestos fibers can become airborne if the material is disturbed or damaged. A thick coating was sprayed on the ceilings of buildings for insulation.
  • Insulate using loose-fill material: Loose-fill is almost entirely made of asbestos. Asbestos attic insulation was used to insulate the floor of an attic. Also, it was blown into the gaps in a wall. Asbestos fibers are easily mixed into the air and inhaled because it is a loose materials.
  • Wall insulation blocks: This insulation for walls is actually composed of asbestos and is covered to seem like boards. Asbestos dust is emitted into the air when asbestos insulation panels or blocks are cut apart or processed.
  • Insulation wrap or blanket: Asbestos insulation was used to cover pipes and plumbing on Navy boats, and it was also known to create health concerns. Old insulation that is still covered can easily break and release asbestos particles into the air.

Call Cyclone Kleen Up to Eliminate Asbestos Risks!

Our company provides the most efficient and cost-effective asbestos removal solutions for residential and commercial spaces like schools, or workplaces. Give us a call today at 719-299-3887 to get estimations and on-site inspections.