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3 Reasons Why an Asbestos Management Plan is Needed for Your Colorado Business

In business, it’s essential to always have a plan. Plans provide the guidance needed for almost any situation your Colorado business may come across while seeking to achieve its goals. Regarding asbestos management, a plan is equally important.

An Asbestos Management Plan Outline

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What exactly is an asbestos management plan, and why is it necessary for your business to have one?

An asbestos management plan (AMP) is a policy that pinpoints the precise location of all asbestos-containing materials within the boundaries of a business, their condition, the person in charge of managing them, how the company plans to handle any asbestos risks, and other applicable details. A copy of this plan will be available in both hard and electronic copies for all involved to look over at any time.

These are the three key reasons why AMPs are especially important for businesses:

1. Avoiding Health Risks

All businesses need to be safe from asbestos exposure and the health risks involved. Asbestos is a deadly substance that still kills 39,000 American lives each year even though there has been widespread awareness of it throughout the media, as well as the availability of asbestos testing and removal services.

2. Ethically Bound

Although only public or non-profit private schools are legally bound to have an AMP, workers who get sick due to on-the-job asbestos exposure can usually get workers’ compensation. They may also be allowed to sue asbestos producers and others. But any ethical company should want to do what it can to protect its employees from any on-the-job injury.

You should seriously consider having an AMP if:

  • you’re responsible for the maintenance of a company’s property.
  • your building was built prior to the year 2000.
  • your building’s site had previously contained asbestos manufacturing or warehousing.
  • your equipment was made before the year 2000 and contains such asbestos-containing items as ovens, soundproofing, and fire insulation.

3. Education and Preparedness

When people face the unknown, they’re bound to panic and make mistakes. This can apply if employees find out your building contains asbestos. They may automatically assume their health and lives are at risk and that any asbestos should be immediately removed.

But when there’s an AMP already prepared, employees will know exactly what to do if asbestos is detected and it can minimalize needless panic or bad decisions and actions. For example, despite what many people believe, asbestos doesn’t automatically need to be removed every time. If it’s in good shape and hasn’t been broken or disturbed and it’s where it’s unlikely to be disturbed, it can stay where it is. Depending on the situation, sometimes removal is riskier and more costly than just leaving it be. However, it’s still vital to have the risk evaluated before reaching any conclusion involving asbestos-containing material.

Your Next Move

If you need to make an asbestos management plan, take these steps:

  • Have a specialist assess where and how much asbestos is in your building
  • Write an asbestos management plan
  • Put that plan into action

If you’re having trouble coming up with an AMP for a business located in Colorado Springs, Penrose, Salida, Pueblo or the surrounding area, let the experts here at Cyclone Kleen Up help you. We have professional and licensed asbestos testers and removers who can professionally identify asbestos at your worksite and aid you in coming up with the best AMP for your business. Get started by calling Cyclone Kleen Up today at 719-299-3887.