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Asbestos Inspections Methods – Which Do You Need?

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A common misconception often heard about asbestos is that it can grow, expanding from the original amount that existed. While some environmental contaminants like mold and bacteria can spread within a property, asbestos cannot. The term asbestos describes a classification of minerals that are mined, inorganic, and occur naturally.

Asbestos has been used for centuries in many different kinds of products for various reasons. Today, asbestos is still found in commercial and residential properties. It was and continues to be used in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding area in construction materials because of its durability, heat resistance, and affordability. But since asbestos fibers are too small to be seen with the naked eye, asbestos can only be found through inspections and testing. Asbestos testing is used in both residential and commercial settings. So let’s discuss the reasons for having an inspection, and which is best for your individual needs.

Commercial Asbestos Inspections

Commercial buildings have stricter guidelines when working with asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos inspections are required for the following:

  • Pre-Demolition
  • Remodels and Additions
  • Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions
  • Industrial Maintenance

Before starting any renovation, demolition, or other activity that could affect asbestos-containing materials, an on-site evaluation must be completed by certified asbestos inspection professionals, such as the expertly trained technicians at Cyclone Kleen Up. This inspection is required by federal rules and regulations set forth by OSHA and the US EPA, as well as many state regulations, and even some local codes.

If demolition is required, an asbestos contractor needs to be in attendance for asbestos removal. Their job is to ensure that no asbestos is released into the air, where it could harm anyone that breathes it in. If you maintain a commercial property, contact an asbestos abatement company like Cyclone Kleen Up that knows and understands all the regulations and laws involving asbestos in commercial properties.

Residential Asbestos Inspections

Residential asbestos inspections are not required by law for homeowners but should be done as a safety precaution. Although older homes commonly have more asbestos incorporated into their building materials, asbestos is not totally banned and is still used today in some construction supplies. Residential asbestos inspections should be completed for the following reasons:

  • Remodeling Projects
  • Residential Purchases
  • Homeowner Safety

The majority of homeowners will do what they can to protect their families, and one way of doing so is through asbestos inspections.

Asbestos Inspection and testing are done in two ways:

  • First, a sample is taken of suspected materials and sent to a lab for results. This highly accurate test detects asbestos in both friable (crumbly) and non-friable materials.
  • Second, an air quality sample is procured. This analysis will determine if any asbestos fibers are floating in the air.

If you live in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, or surrounding cities and need an asbestos inspection for your commercial or residential property, contact Cyclone Kleen Up today. They’ll determine the right test for you and your needs!