Appliance Failure Resulting in Water Damage

Appliance Failure Water Damage in Colorado Springs

Some water damages are not made by natural disasters like floods and storms but are made by machines at home. Washing machines, ice machines, dishwashers, water heaters, and other appliances that hold water, are viable causes for flooding in the home if they are not routinely inspected. Simple drips from any hose or pipe may lead to machine damage and mold infestation.

Inspect Your Machines Often

Flooding caused by machines can be prevented by following a few simple steps; not only do these steps preserve the quality of your appliances, but they also can save you from spending on unnecessary repairs.

When inspecting your appliance, look for these signs of machine failure.

For Washing Machines

Washing machine failure is one of the leading causes of water damage at home. The primary cause of water damage from washing machines is faulty or burst supply lines. Bubbles in the hose, worn-out tubing, and loose fittings are what you should seek. The supply lines of washing machines are pressurized; small leaks can immediately turn into floods in just minutes if not attended to.

DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR MACHINE! Hastily doing your chores seem like a good idea, but if regularly practiced, your machine deteriorates in an alarming rate; the weight of your clothes can eventually loosen, or break, the tub.

Turn off the machine and water valves if they are not in use. Leaving the washing machine unattended can both raise your electric bill and tire out the machine.

For Heaters & Air Conditioners

Check if the drip pan has cracks and leaks to prevent water from accumulating in any surface. Regularly change the filter and clean the machines at least two times a year.

For Water Heaters

The chances of water heater failures increase as it ages; when it leaks, scorching hot water flows out. If the damage is not attended to immediately, the flooding can get out of control; soaking your furniture and other items.

For Refrigerators & Ice Makers


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A frozen or clogged defrost drain, damaged water lines, or rusted drain pans are signs of machine damage. Left unattended, these damages can get worse and cause major flooding in the surrounding area.

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