Storm Damage Cleanup in Colorado

Storm Damage Cleanup in Colorado Springs, CO

Cleaning up after a storm is not the same as cleaning up a room. When you are cleaning your room at home, it's fairly easy because you can spot dust and dirt almost immediately, and cleaning materials are readily made available in supermarkets or at home. A storm, however, is more than just dust and dirt.

Mud, flood, and debris, such as tree branches and stones, are just a few things that can enter your home after a powerful storm.

Deciding to clean them up with your bare hands or whatever tools that can be found in your shelves is an unwise and dangerous choice. They are massive compared to dust and dirt and can seriously affect your property, and health, if not removed properly. 

Water that has remained within the house can be perfect grounds for mold infestation and can cause wood rotting and rust in areas that have organic matter. Neglected debris can be accidentally stepped on, leaving the victim with an injured foot; exposing it to numerous infections, and the massive transport of such obstructions is both tiring and time-consuming. Once you think you are done, it is possible that secondary damages may appear in the blink of an eye.

Whether you’ve been a victim of strong storms, horrible hurricanes, or tenacious tornadoes, Cyclone Kleen Up is always ready to help you remove any obstructions that result. We are highly trained workers who have been working in the restoration business for many years; making us exactly the kind of service you need during a time of desperation.

We are fully equipped with the latest restoration and removal technology. Our promise to you is that we will restore your property to a better condition after every job.

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We provide services for more than just storms; we also specialize in fire, water, and storm damage restorations. If you are interested in knowing more about them, or our company, please call: 719-299-3887, or visit our contact site for more information


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