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Homeowners insurance covers many major risks, such as damage from fire. But it doesn’t cover everything.

Most of us are probably glad to get home after a long day of stress at work, fighting Coloradotraffic, and running errands. Because home is where our heart is.

Imagine this: There was a small fire limited to the kitchen, swiftly extinguished. But the terrible odor of the smoke is overwhelming! No matter how hard you clean, the odor seems to have permeated everything throughout the whole house!

After fire or water damage there are often foul-smelling odors. The foremost way to rid a home or business of such smells is by getting rid of the source.

Bad weather can be scary, especially if it hits before you can prepare. This risk is aggravated if you or a family member is a senior citizen

Water damage to ceilings is a common issue because it can appear from various sources – from leaking roofs to plumbing problems.

When your Colorado property suffers from water damage, you’re often encouraged to call in a water damage restoration professional to do the clean-up and repairs

When fires occur in rental units, whether commercial or residential, major disputes can arise between tenants and landlords. Fire legal liability alludes to who will be responsible for paying for the damage those fires cause.

If you own a home, water is one of the major threats to its structure and its contents. After all, houses contain a complex web of plumbing that runs to your faucets, showers, bathtubs, dishwasher, clothes washer, and other things.

On April 15, 2019, the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris caught fire. This blaze was notable as the roof’s layers and spire, made up of about 450 tons of lead, quickly melted in the over 1,400°F fire.

One of the hardest tasks to deal with after a fire is deciding what you can keep and what to toss. Here are some tips on how to handle some of the more questionable items that have been exposed to fire and smoke.

Cyclone Kleen Up removes water from houses after snow melts in the Spring.

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